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pfender.boddenberg are: Jochen Pfender and Lutz Boddenberg


Lutz Boddenberg and Jochen Pfender collaborate in diverse musical contexts since the 1990s. A big part was band work including touring. For instance, their band “Venus Kixx” did a Germany-wide tour with James Brown’s side-kick Bobby Byrd in 1994. 2000 through 2006 they collaborated with Brussels’ author/singer Volkmar Muehleis in the Brussels/Cologne-based band “Henk”.

As a session bass player, Lutz Boddenberg went on stage with numerous top stars like Phil Collins, Randy Crawford and A-HA. As a composer and producer he realized projects with Wolfgang Flür of “Kraftwerk” as well as an electronic pop music project (EMI) with singers Anita Davis (USA) and Julia Messenger (Australia) named KAL. At the moment, he is in the electronic chanson duo „Mein Bruder Karin“, along with Volkmar Muehleis of Brussels. Jochen Pfender is a film music fan since he first heard Don Ellis’ great original music for William Friedkin’s “French Connection”. He worked as a guitarist and composer in the progressive band collective “Der Blau-Rote Methusalem” with singer, performer and composer Peter Daners. They developed music for Super-8-trash-movies of their childhood and performed it live on stage.

Since 2008 Jochen Pfender and Lutz Boddenberg collaborate in creating music for films.